On Trend: Old World Charm

Posted on August 14, 2020

Qualities of the Old World, likely antique items or vintage European décor. This is not an architectural style, but rather a purposeful feeling given from a homes interior.

Styling in this sense allows for spaces to feel cozy and lived-in, all while maintaining an up-kept and purposeful feel. Pieces used should look like they were perfectly placed many years ago, and the decor used needn’t necessarily be old, but rather its look reflects something that was constructed long ago. Numerous retailers have begun to offer pieces that seem older than they actually are, with a much more moderate price tag. Old world charm’s beauty is all in the details, scale and materials used. The juxtaposition of modern appliances combined with old world styling creates a wondrous feeling of safety and permanence, whether it’s reclaimed materials, elements of texture or a specific color. Wrought iron, bronze, and wood elements can be found below. By incorporating your own pieces of thoughtful family heirlooms, antiques or items obtained during travels, you can easily curate a style signifying old world charm. Just remember contrast is key and opposites attract.